In collaboration with livingspeedbump

About a year ago, I ran a campaign on MassDrop for the CMYW. One of the buyers, Andy, became a really close friend. It turned out we have more in common than we thought so we started working together.

We started many projects together, but only one stood out. We are bringing the HoneyWell in Cherry Profile through GMK. Andy had always loved the HoneyWell, but with the recent popularity of GMK, GMK HoneyWell made sense. As for I, I wanted something more modern than the retro beige set. HoneyWell is a classic set, but it brings more modern colors into the mix similar to the white Happy Hacking Keyboard.

The GMK HoneyWell will be sold as 1 whole set. It contains enough keys to fit your standard 104, Tsangan, ISO, 1800, TADA68, and an accent kit just like the original HoneyWell. The kit starts at only $129 and it even includes a keycap tray.


Honeywell terminal

Micro Switch, a division of Honeywell, has some of the most iconic keyboards of all time. The Symbolics "Space-Cadet" keyboard is immediately recognizable, but the Honeywell Terminal Keyboard with its Red/Grey/Black/White colorway is just as visually striking. Not only is the set gorgeous, the Hall Effect switches are often regarded as some of the finest switches ever manufactured.

Deskthority user 7bit would go on to run a "Honeywell" colorway as part of his massive spherical SA profile group buys, and he did an amazing job of replicating the original Hall Effect set in modern MX compatible SA keycaps.

The colors of the Honeywell Terminal Keyboard are so simple and classic that they deserve to join the ranks of classic sets. We are very excited to announce that we have translated the colorway into a GMK keycap set.




Cherry Profile

The Cherry profile, designed by Cherry, is one of the lower profiles available. These keycaps will be in Row 1-1-2-3-4-4 or B-B-C-D-E-E.

Thick Abs double-shot

With high quality ABS, these keycaps use a double-shot process for never fading legends. The thickness gives a superior feeling that is made to last and is the most desired on the market.


With compatibility on keyboards such as the HHKB, WINKEYLESS, or 1800 style, these keycaps are made to fit on a wide range of keyboards from consumer to the enthusiast market.

honeywell colorway

The colorway in Honeywell uses grey modifiers with white-grey tone alphas. The colors, similar to the beige retro, uses reverse colors with accent keys instead.

innovating the original set

Now with our standing with GMK, we can modernize the classic set. Using GMK manufacturing to provide this keyset in a new lower profile with bold double-shot legends. The keycaps will be made in thick ABS plastic. The Profile Rows will be 1-1-2-3-4-4, but we will be adding an additional Row 5.