At Originative, we are proud of our history of various group buys and keysets. We have always run the sets we’ve loved most. Many iconic sets can be traced to group buys and we’re proud of that. We would like to share to everyone the our journey as displayed by our various group buys.


GMK Classic Beige - January 2013    

This iconic set is almost the definitive set of classic inspiration. Modeled directly after the Cherry OG double-shots, we wanted this set to be an accessible way to achieve the look so many of us love. We wanted to start with this set because our inspiration for this set was unfathomably iconic in the mechanical keyboard community.


GMK Olivetti - January 2013    

The iconic set is inspired by the Italian company whose name it bears (Olivetti S.p.A.). A good deal of their Olivetti sets that made it to the mainstream popularity were released around the 90s and were on their computers that used standard Cherry-mx switches. The blue legends quickly gained popularity as they were quite different from many sets during this time. We wanted to bring back that unique blue color.


GMK RGBK - January 2013    

Another inspired mod set that is still well used to this day. GMK RGBK was influenced by the Desko keyboard that had its own RGBK modifiers in a Winkeyless layout. The Desko Keyboard has always been well known due to being one of the first keyboards to have RGBK mods. We wanted to honor this historical keyboard by having RGBK mods available for modern keyboards in modern sizes.

GMK Charred Orange - May 2013    

Charred Orange was a set that was inspired by the Skidata keyboard that was produced for the Skidata company in the late 90’s. The bold orange and black keycaps were a stark contrast to the blue case of the keyboards they were on, but that colorway has remained to stay popular today; whether it’s the blue and orange of Valve’s Portal, or the Blue and Orange contrast you see in so many film posters today, we wanted to bring that stark orange and black to our keyboards.


BSP Sets - August 2013    

BSP is one of the premier manufacturers of PBT keysets. These keycaps are well known to be one of the best PBT dyesubbed keycaps today with nearly unrivaled quality. We ran BSP in 4 colorways: Classic Beige, Olivetti, Red on White, and Green on White. Our decision to go with PBT instead of our past offerings of GMK was because we wanted to try something different. We went with BSP because we wanted to have the highest quality keycaps, in some of the most iconic set colors, by one of the best PBT companies in the industry.


GMK Dolch September 2013    

This set is inspired by the Cherry G80-1813 as well as the Dolch Pac keyboards of the 90’s. This iconic keyset’s signature look has been repeated, and reimagined so often it will be one of the few keysets that has truly stood the test of time. This iconic set takes simple and subdued ‘rocky’ colors gained popularity with its classic retro look. Modernizing this set, like we have so many old sets, was a no-brainer.


BSP RGBK - May 2013

After running our BSP sets in August 2013, it was an obvious choice to go with RGBK mods like we did with GMK. Once again with some of the best PBT keycaps and dye-subbing in the industry, BSP RGBK adds a colorful accent to our previous BSP sets, as well as a great option for others with PBT sets that wanted to get in on the same accents that GMK customers could choose.


GMK CMYW - August 2014  

This modifier set is only the natural progression after doing a RGB set. These bold colors add a different tone compared to the RGB keys. These strong primary colors do well to add a brighter tone on your keyboard. Going with White legends instead of black legends allowed us to match this set with others much more easily, like with GMK Dolch.




GMK Cyrillic - February 2014     

For many Westerner, cyrillic legends look so intriguing. Popularized by Cherry keyboards that were made for Russia and Eastern Europe, these keysets saw a quick demand by many enthusiast who started to try to find Cherry keyboards made for that area. We wanted to bring this unique look to the market and have it be more accessible than trying to salvage keycaps from old Cherry keyboards. 



GMK RGBY - July 2014

After the GMK RGBK, this was another natural progression just like with GMK CMYW. The yellow just goes so well with the RGB set that it’s been included since. A classic for adding some color to a Dolch or White on Black set.


GMK Sky Dolch - September 2015    

Sky Dolch is perhaps one of Originative’s most iconic sets. With SoWaRe as the inspiration for the legends, they accent the Dolch set perfectly to make what we believe is one of the most beautiful sets on the market today.


GMK Cyan - February 2016  

 Another eye catching set that really caught some attention due to it’s unique color and crisp white color choice.  The GMK Cyan set is a set that really catches the eye with the bright cyan color. A simple GMK set highlighting the beauty of the color cyan.


GMK Skeletor - July 2016    

Designed by Nubbinator, GMK Skeletor is a set inspired by the Masters of the Universe television series that aired on television back in 1983. The set draws inspiration from the series antagonist Skeletor. The bold purple and darker teal color provide excellent contrast and compliments each other well. We look forward to receiving this set shortly.


GMK Ceresia - July 2016    

Recently GMK released some news colors and one of these colors was once used by Cherry. When we saw the new red by GMK, our minds immediately raced to Handerbeit. The bizarre set with so many colors had one of the most amazing and striking reds we’ve ever seen on a keyboard. We had to use that red. The name Ceresia is the latin for Cherry.


PBT Modern Beige a.k.a. Oco PBT - August 2016   

 Modern Beige is how we want to reconcile the past and the future. With the popularization of alternate sublegends like Hangul, JIS, and Cyrillic, we wanted to combine those with the classic look of the Classic Beige set. Dye-subbed legends on PBT keycaps will ensure these keycaps stand the test of time while combining the look of the past.


GMK Neon RGBY - August 2016

With all of our different colored modifiers, we wanted to finally do something different. Not RGB again, and not CMY again. We wanted to choose colors that would change the norm and these Neon RGBY modifiers was what we settled on. 


GMK Keyboard & Co. - August 2016

Created by GeekHack user Switchnollie, this set is inspired by the colors of Diamond Supply Co., and the Dunk SB-Diamond Shoes. We look forward to seeing this come to us soon!


Chronicler Origins - August 2016

Chronicler: Origins was inspired from two sets we love. SoWaRe and Sky Dolch. As we combined these two colors together, we believed it would look best with the vintage styling of SA profile. Also joining this set is the wonderful RGB add-on that really creates a nice accent on the set.




gmk originative.png

GMK Originative - September 2016

Bringing a classic white on black set is a natural choice to go with so many of our mod sets, but one main reason we wanted to have this set done is we wanted to have a great base set for anyone to get and have fit most all keyborads they might have. This set and the magenta mods were done in collaboration with GH user effectiveduck.


GMK Magenta Modifiers - September 2016

When effectiveduck was working on the white on black set that would become GMK Originative, he worked on having a magenta mod pack to add to the collection of different modifier packages that can be used. He really wanted his white on black set to go with magenta, so GMK Magenta Modifiers was born. 


GMK Hyperfuse - September 2016

In collaboration with [CtrlAlt, we both wanted to see a return of this wonderful set. With the striking colors of puple and cyan, we're proud to have brought this well sought after set back into the market for more people to enjoy.