Master CNC Case

prosumer level meets enthusiast


A prosumer level board meets an enthusiast grade product. The CoolerMaster Master Key S PBT is one of the top tier keyboards in the mass market. No flashy lights here, the Master Key S PBT is all performance. With a responsive processor, adjustable macros, and the several layouts offered, the Master Key S PBT is function over form yet the board proves to be highly simple yet minimal. They are noticeably similar to the likes of a Filco keyboard using very similar design and function. By eliminating the unnecessary marketing tactics used by Corsair and Razer to target gamers, CoolerMaster was able to create this keyboard with an affordable price unmatched with its quality.


A dear friend of mine and an extraordinary designer from Silicon Valley, Ryan Norbauer, brings in his legendary simple CNC Aluminum Case to house the the Cooler Master Key S PBT. This aluminum case comes in a black or silver anodize. This keyboard combination comes in one size only, the tenkeyless form factor (eliminates the number pad). Using the already built Master Key S PBT in a top tier keyboard will make for a superb performance.

Each order comes with an aluminum case, a Cooler Master Key S PBT and all the included accessories (PBT keycaps, cable, manual, puller, and extra keycaps), and matching screw-in riser feet.




high performance

The MasterKey S PBT is powered by a 32bit ARM Cortex Processor which allows for better performance while also allowing macro keys.

Switchable Layouts

Requires no software yet the keyboard allows for easily changeable layouts such as QWERTY or DVORAK.



Smooth to the touch and shine resistant, these keycaps will retain its look and feel from day one.



Measuring at 1.5mm, these keycaps are made to last and is currently the most desired on the market. 


Need Assistance?

With a few easy steps, you can easily set up your new programmable keyboard and find out more information through the Cooler Master page. For questions, inquiries, and/or concerns, please contact us through our contact page. 

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This is a group buy/pre-order running through all of November 2017. After the close of the group buy, the housing for your keyboard will be machined and finished to order. Your combined order will ship Spring 2018. If not enough orders are met, refunds will be issued.


The product photos show one of Mr. Norbauer's previous designs. The Master Key S that you will receive is a brand new in box from Cooler Master's warehouse which offers 3 added LEDs. The case you will receive will be able to house the Master Key S PBT and will have holes for those LEDs. The Cooler Master case includes PBT Keycaps and all original accessories. A Phillips-head screwdriver is needed.

These are the items for a DIY project. Having removed the plastic case from the Cooler Master keyboard will void its warranty; by purchasing you agree to do this entirely at your own risk.