MOD Switches

the switch we choose for tactile pleasure

We're happy to show you what we've been working on, but we think it's best to understand the history on why we decided to undertake such a task:

Modding switches is a norm in the Mechanical Keyboard community. We all do it here at Originative Co. and so many DIYers in our community love modding their switches. From changing springs, sliders, and lube, modding switches allows switches to be customized to your use.

Some of the earliest keyboard switch modifications started in South Korea, where they are still extremely innovative in the keyboard community today. Mx clears were a very liked switched in South Korea due to the very large tactile bump. The switch's very large tactile bump was favorable, but many long term typists felt fatigue when typing on the heavy springs of the Cherry Mx clears. A solution was found. Some of the first Cherry Mx clear mods were done by swapping the spring from a spring of an Cherry MX black switch. This may seem odd because Cherry mx blacks actuate at a higher force than Cherry Mx Clears. Cherry Mx clears actually have a larger bottom out force than Cherry Mx blacks. After a while, many typists felt it was still too heavy and opted to use springs from Cherry mx blue and red switches.

After a lot of tinkering, springs ranging from 50 grams to 72 grams bottoming out force reigned popular. First in South Korea and then the rest of the world. Springs sold by a variety of vendors made their way to the market and this revolution spread like wildfire. Other switches today are commonly modded, like with jailhouse blues, panda clears, and others.

Today, there are many of us who clamor for the perfect mix of tactility and weight. At Originative, we wanted to make this dream a reality, but we couldn’t do it alone. We found a manufacturer, MOD, who said they would take upon the challenge. After months of hard work, sampling, testing, trial and effort, we think MOD has done it.

Often when switches are modded, switches can become slightly more wobbly due to bending some of the plastic on the switch casing to open the switch up for spring or stem swapping. This is why many Korean Kbdists opt to use stickers to help lessen the wobble back to the stock amount of wobble. These MOD switches are already similar to modded switch specs, so there’s no need to worry about the extra wobble from disassembling a switch. From what MOD has showed to us, we firmly believe these switches will be a great solution for those looking for a very tactile switch.

Mod switches are available in 3 weights similar to different weights people would have modded their switches to. Light, medium, and heavy, actuating at 45g, 55g, and 62g respectively. These switches bottom out at 62g, 67g, and 80g respectively. These switches feature copper click leafs, softer POM stems for smoother slider action, a strong tactile bump, and mx stem compatibility. These switches are rated for 50 million keystrokes in their lifetime.

Mod switches were developed with the history of modding switches in mind, and we want these switches to be ready to go right out of the box as if there had already been modded for you.

Let’s mod some keyboards with MOD switches.

These switches will be featured in Phase 2 of the TADA68.