Thick cherry legends & quality pbt keycaps


At Originative Co. we've been running a preorder for our Oco PBT (previously named Modern Beige). We want to bring what a lot of people in the community really love which is high quality PBT keycaps. The legends are dye-subbed and we think these are some of the better PBT dye-subbed keysets that will be in the market.

This set has a plethora of options regarding colors and sub legends. From the famous Hangul cyan and pink to the new Japanese black and red, this group buy has a lot of options. We think that this level of customization will allow all users to have the look they want without any compromises to quality or price. If you loved the quality of the keycaps on the TADA68, you'll be sure to love these ones even more.

Extra Compatibility: HHKB & Winkeyless

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Currently the keysets are in production and will be heading to us soon! You can check out more information in the Updates section of kbdist.