Taking the best colorway to new heights
In the past, we've worked with BunnyLake and [CTRL]ALT to bring you GMK HyperFuse. We are now putting our efforts together again to bring you this beautiful colorway in a new hi-profile construction. This set embodies the new era of mechanical keyboards, using a classic profile tied to modern colors.
Made to perfection, in every detail.
ABS Thick Doubleshot
With high quality ABS, these keycaps use a double-shot process for never-fading legends. The thickness gives a superior feeling that is made to last and is the most desired on the market.
SA Hi-Profile 1-2-3-3-4-4
The Retro Style Profile is the SA Profile machined by Signature Plastics. The keycap will have a Matte finish for this modern colorway.
The colors were chosen by BunnyLake of [CTRL]ALT. Using more modern colors, BunnyLake was able to create spectacular sets.
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HyperFuse available at $210
After much feedback and collaboration with [CTRL]ALT, SA HyperFuse is now readily available at Originative Co.
Penumbra starting at $225
After the popularity of the first round, we have joined with [CTRL]ALT to make these available again with updated content.