SA Penumbra/hyperfuse pre-order faq


How do I pre-order a SA Penumbra or HyperFuse?

You can make a pre-order on

When will my set be delivered?

SA Penumbra and HyperFuse are scheduled to begin production in April 2017. Shipping will commence in May, and we hope to complete all orders by early June.

How many pre-orders can I make?
Each person can make a pre-order for 1 of each item. If there are any extras ordered or duplicate orders, then we will immediately cancel your order.

I made a pre-order, but haven't received a confirmation email? When can I expect this to arrive?

We have received a tremendous number of pre-orders for these SA sets. We'll make sure the confirmation email reaches out to you within 24-48 hours within the pre-order. In case you still did not get your confirmation email, please check your SPAM folder!

I have not received an update, when will you guys make an update?

We try our best to make updates whenever possible, but the manufacturer may not give us an update so there may be gaps in between. Please understand that most of our updates comes from the manufacturers. For updates, please refer to the updates tab. 

Why is the SA Penumbra set more than expensive than the SA HyperFuse?

The SA Penumbra will now contain an additional minor accent kit that also uses the colors from the Solarized Palette. The extra keys will be used on the bottom row.

Why does the SA HyperFuse render look different than the mock up?

The mock up is the correct picture. We do not have the new legends for the SA Profile sets. HyperFuse set will use 'HYPER' instead of 'SUPER' and 'FUSE' instead of 'MENU'.

Can I cancel my SA Penumbra or HyperFuse pre-order?
You can cancel at anytime before you receive a shipping notification and the refund could take up to 7 business days. 

For any other information, please send us a message through our e-mail, Please understand that we receive an extraordinary amount of email consistently. A response may take longer than 1-2 business days.