A minimalist 68-key board--fully programmable and assembled



With its minimalist design, the SABER is perfect for its compactness while acknowledging the importance of function keys. The 68 key layout has always been an ideal daily driver layout for me. Although the minimal design of the HHKB/60% layout is great, they sacrifice the functionality of the arrow keys by omitting them from the board. The SABER layout will compensate for this discrepancy by allowing the arrow keys to function simply as arrow keys without having to hold down a function key to utilize them.


All materials used to create the SABER were carefully chosen with the fundamentals of a high quality keyboard in mind. The plate is crafted with robust stainless steel over aluminum in order to prohibit any wobble in the switches, providing a stronger, more stable foundation. Unlike keyboards that are flat with no elevation, the slant of this case provides a more comfortable typing experience. The quality of the keycaps are equally important when it comes to providing an optimal typing experience. This is why the SABER comes stocked with thick PBT Cherry profile keycaps. The keyset is also in the Classic Beige colorway, which is one of the staples in any collection.

The SABER is equipped with your choice of the following option of MOD switches: MOD-L, MOD-M, and MOD-H to fulfill your ideal typing preference.





We narrowed it down to the most functional layout for a space-saving keyboard for your desktop.


All 68 keys are fully programmable to easily reconfigure at your command.



Smooth to the touch and shine resistant, these keycaps will retain its look and feel from day one.



Measuring at 1.5mm, these keycaps are made to last and is currently the most desired on the market. 


Additional Features


backlight feature

With the design of this case, LED lights can be added to the bottom of the case for an aesthetically pleasing touch.



One of the top tier printing methods using Cherry font to ensure that the legends last forever.
"...Legends are forever." - Kobe Bryant


Need Assistance?

With a few easy steps, you can easily set up your new programmable keyboard. Feel free to download our e-manual for instructions on how to make your keyboard your own. For questions, inquiries, and/or concerns, please contact us through our contact page. 

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