Feb ' 18 - #4


Thank you for your continuous support throughout these years. We are appreciative for everything you guys have been for us. I hope we can continue this journey with you all there!

As for the updates: I have quite a few...

HYPERFUSE ORGINS will be launching on Monday 2/19.

The link will be posted as soon as available.

SKY DOLCH will be shipped as soon as we receive them. We are expecting them to be this month as well.

And lastly, here's a quick teaser for our new company:



The site is still a WIP. More info TBD. 

We're looking at a speedy finish currently.


SA HyperFuse - SA Honeywell - SA Solarized

  • Coming March 2018 and May 2018
  • SA Sculpted Profile - Row 112344
  • Made in Washington, USA
  • 6u Spacebar are not included
  • Estimated 200-250 USD
  • Available for Preorder
SolarizedPenumbra_Kits (2).png

Feb 18 - #2






NO. 1

  • Products shipping
  • One last quality check


  • Samples incoming
  • Straight to Order Process


  • Samples incoming
  • Pre-Orders will begin March/April '18


  • Awaiting more information from GMK
  • Will update as soon as we receive more info





"HyperFuse was the set i created for myself.  The original GB took as close to a no compromise approach as possible, drawing inspiration from my favourite aspects of this hobby, as well as others that had been part of my life for as long as i can remember and launching across 2 keycap profiles.  It was however launched at a time where GMK as a manufacturer had restrictions in place that made it considerably more difficult to run community driven GB’s through them. In fact looking back upon that original GB, the only regret i have was not attempting the initial offering with GMK.  As the hobby grew and the barrier to entry with GMK lowered, i had the opportunity to correct that and reproduce HyperFuse with GMK.  That experience however was all about compromise, in terms of layout and design, as well as colours, making more of an approximation of HyperFuse rather than the real thing.  That has always sat heavy with me, and it gives me great pleasure to finally introduce the set i had envisioned many years ago, the original HyperFuse colours, in Cherry profile, produced by GMK.  For the first time, truly without compromise, HyperFuse Origins."


Jan '18 - #2

Hello Folks,

I hope you guys enjoyed your three day weekend!


We anticipated to have shipped these all out by already by this time, but we're only at 50% done at the moment.

The Cool Gray spacebars are still incoming


These are going to come really soon, and we'll let you know as soon as we do too!


  • Solarized Penumbra going into production March '18 with SA HW :)
  • SA HF going in production May '18!


Toxic got stuck in customs because of the size. We are anticipating these by Friday or Monday of next week. We'll ship these all out as soon as K&CO is done.


A few of the Refrigerator are still being done because the process is highly extensive to get the color matching done properly. As soon as Norbauer's personal shop finishes these and ships them to us, we will be able to get these to you guys. We are stopping the sales until we get these in hand. For all past orders, we'll let you know further once we get the tracking.




There has been someone spreading false rumor. We aren't launching TypeMachina just yet, and we haven't received any No. 1 parts as of this point.

The No. 1 is still undergoing anodization (hard ano), and it will undergo quality control very soon. We are eager to get these out, but they aren't quite ready yet.

We have received some pieces now, but the site is still being finished.

Rama still has the case in the works. Here's a teaser from rama.works, 80%

The ones by LZ, TGR, and other artists are coming soon as well :)

UPDATE: I made an update regarding the No. 1 being finished last week. As above, the ano is still being done as they are trying to get it perfectly right. We only have the parts and accessories, but no cases at the time.



January '18

Hello kbdists,

I hope many of you are already enjoying the New Years.

Currently on our plate, we're working on a few things.

We just finished shipping all of the Norbacases with the Novatouch.

Keyboard & Co.

We are receiving them tomorrow afternoon and will most likely ship these out on starting Wednesday (please email us with your order number with any address updates)


We are getting these soon, and we will ship them out as soon as possible


We'll be getting the No.1 this week :) We already have all the accessories for it.

Lastly, we are also working on some SA sets. We'll share these with you as well :)

December 2017 - Christmas

JTK Toxic:

  • Finally shipping!
  • This has been long delayed, but we should get these sets in approximately 2 more weeks. We understand the concerns, and if you guys do want a refund, that has always been open.

    Norbatouch Aluminum Cases:
  • Unfortunately, the cases has been delayed due to the logistics company. There was an error where the package was overweight and would not be loaded into the same pallet. They are still awaiting for the package to come back.


  • There's still one last box that the Revo team hasn't shipped to me. They said that they it should be shipped and will provide me the tracking information soon.

New Releases:

  • SA Valentine
  • No. 1 is also coming soon! We have majority of the parts already.


November 2017 - Thanksgiving Week!

Thank you guys for reading with us and we hope you guys enjoy your Thanksgiving week with the family and friends.

The remaining REVO shipments has been sent to us. They are en route and should be here post Thanksgiving.

The JTK Toxic also had some slight complications with the shipping, and they should be here around 2 weeks.

A few things to wrap up:

There are a few things coming in with TYPEMACHINA:

  • VE.A 2
  • MasterKey Case (with the MasterKey S PBT)
  • TEX YODA 2

New items with Originative:

  • Toxic Sliders
  • OG HF?

There'll be a sale momentarily! Expect some great discount :)



November 2017 - Week 2 Update

Toxic: These will be shipping to us now. There's a hiccup on our part with a transaction that we had to post to the factory.

Sky Dolch: These have been heavily delayed. I'll give a confirmed update really soon. If you like to cancel your order at any time, please do send us an email.


  • We have color samples from one of our designers for an upcoming case: 
  • EXENT is ready. They will be shipping to us soon from SEA. Keep a look out for these on TYPEMACHINA.

November - Week 1 Update

Thanks for your patience. I hope everyone has a great Halloween! Make sure you are safe while trick-or-treating :)

Revo has arrived! We will ship these out as soon as tomorrow or Friday. We still have to undergo some slight quality check.

TOXIC is about done, and they are ready to ship. We will send out news as soon as they ship to us :)

Master CNC Cases are now available: www.kbdist.com or www.kbdist.com/shop/master-cnc-case! Make sure to check these new cases out.

Pok3r RGB are now on sale for $129 shipped as well!