TADA68 - Barebones heading to US

The Barebones and aluminum cases (the third shipment) are finally making its way to us after the long hiatus of Chinese New Year's. 

As for the packages at Amazon, our shipping agent has been pushing the LED company to send the shipping labels to Amazon so the UPS can finally ship the package to us. Unfortunately, the tracking on those labels we've created hasn't been updated as of now, We've made attempts to contact Amazon directly to speed up the process but was not successful, since they need the other company to send it directly. We will let you guys know as soon as we get any further information or if the tracking updates.

Happy Valentine's Day!

TADA68 - In Motion

We finally have some good news regarding the shipment for you all! We're happy to say that we've gotten an update from our shipping agent. Amazon have confirmed that they have located our shipment in their Phoenix warehouse. We have just sent our agent the UPS shipping labels (from Amazon to us) so that they can send it over to Amazon. Hopefully Amazon will put those labels on and get the shipment out by this week. It should take a only couple days to get to us from Arizona. So if everything goes smoothly, we should get the shipment by next week.

Also we will have an update for you regarding the final shipment as well as the aluminum cases by 2/13. Once again, thank you for waiting patiently as we sorted this out. 

TADA68 - Update

For the TADA68, the shipping agency has halted communication for the time being due to the Chinese New Year break. We will resume communication with them on February 10th, when they return. The worst possible scenario is that the shipment to Amazon is lost. If this is the case, we have already placed a new order with the manufacturer will be shipped within 2 months as a solution to the issue. We will also be using a different shipping agent. Thank you for your understanding. We know that this delay has caused many concerns. If you prefer to cancel your order, please email us. Thank you.

GMK Group Buys - Sky Dolch, Keyboard&Co., and Add-Ons

Hello everyone, we just got word from GMK that they're currently experiencing a "production overload" and that our sets will be delayed for at least another month. So, the ETA currently, will be early March for Sky Dolch and its add-ons. 

As for the Keyboard & Co., we're currently waiting for the sample and once we get that, it'll be ready for production. So, this is also delayed for another month or so. We apologize for the delays. We understand that you've been patiently waiting and many are concerned. If you'd prefer not to wait, you may cancel your order and email us at contact@originativeco.com.

TADA68 - Ship Update

Hello kbdists,

Thanks for your patience. We are continuing pumping out orders, so many of you will have gotten your tracking number. 

The 1st shipment is still at Amazon, and our shipping agent from Hong Kong has just submitted a paper recently requesting the shipment back. 

The 3rd shipment is about to head to us.

More updates will come soon, but we are just pumping out all the orders from the 2nd shipment right now.



Keyboard & Co. + Sky Dolch

Hi kbdists,

Thanks for the continuous support with us through the New Year.

If you guys haven't checked out our latest goodies yet, definitely check out the SA HyperFuse, SA Penumbra, and GMK Honeywell (which actually ends at Midnight).

We had a chat with GMK last night, and they are still awaiting from their production team for the latest news for both Keyboard & Co. + the Sky Dolch. As for the Honeywell, we're awaiting the invoice on Monday and will arrange that right away.

Thanks again and enjoy your MLK weekend.

TADA68 - Shipping Update

The shipment for the TADA68 was separated into 3 shipments. The 2nd batch (about half the entire shipment) was what arrived last Friday.

The first one (that got mixed up with another company's), we found out actually arrived to the Amazon warehouse in Arizona. We're currently trying to resolve this with the shipping agent and the other company, hoping we can get Amazon to ship it to us from Arizona. Communication is a little difficult due to the time difference between us and them and the fact that the packages are just sitting in Amazon's warehouse. We hope to retrieve the packages as soon as possible so we can fulfill everyone's orders. If worse comes to worst and we don't get word, we might just have to take a trip down to Arizona to retrieve it.

The 3rd shipment should arrive shortly so we hope to fulfill all orders by early next month assuming things will go well from now on. We are currently fulfilling orders in order we've received orders so if you ordered after the group buy period, you most likely won't get a shipping notification as soon as some others. Again, we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this mishap.


Hey TADA68 owners,

Over a dozen boxes arrived to us today. We are pleased with all your support. We highly appreciate you guys for sticking it through.

Unfortunately the internet isn't working the best today, so you may not get a Shipping Notification today. Wendy will be coming in the shop tomorrow (Saturday) to fulfill as many orders as possible. I'll be heading to the Pasadena meet-up, and I'll be bringing a TADA68 with MOD-L's and some other limited edition goodies (bring $200!).

Attached is a picture of the TADA68 with Blank Keycaps and MOD-L's. 

Stay Tuned for more information!


TADA68 Update

Thank you all for being understanding as we try to sort out the situation with the shipping agent. Good news is that they still have our shipment of the TADA68 and it's not lost. The packages must've looked similar to the wrong shipment we've received. They will be shipping it out to us shortly. We are still waiting for them to confirm with a tracking number. Sorry for the inconvenience.

TADA68 Update

Hi all, we went into the office early today hoping to start preparing the shipments for the TADA preorders. We did receive packages, but to our disappointment, we realized that it was not our shipment. Instead, we got a shipment of LED lights. It looks like the shipping agent somehow got our shipment wrong due to the holiday rush.

We're trying to find out what happened to our shipment, but until we get a hold of the agent to figure it out, we don't have any further updates as of yet. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will update you as soon as we get more information.


TADA68 Arrival

The TADA68 will arrive on Monday and we will be back in the office on Thursday, which is when we will be preparing shipment for the pre-orders. On top of the TADA68, we will also be finishing up the shipment of the MOD switches. Thank you for your patience.

Modern Beige Update

All pre-orders except for the blank options and about 10 Classic (dark blue) have been shipped out. We were made aware that the manufacturer left out those sets from the shipment and that a new shipment is coming with those. We truly apologize for this and the delay and inconvenience this caused. We will be sure to get those out as soon as we receive them.