October - Week 2 Update

Hello Guys & Gals,

I hope the weekend was good to you. Sorry about not leaving an update last week.

Miami / Miami Nights / Demonic

  • We just received these and we are undergoing quality check before we ship them out. We will most likely have them all shipped by Monday!
  • Demonic is a new set that has just arrived. This will be one of our most affordable in stock keysets we will ever release. This is a new idea with a monotone color that we are trying! We plan to do those for all future monotone keysets! Expect these in store soon for $139.

Revo HHKB RJ Kit & Toxic

  • Due to the mid-Autumn moon festival, both these sets will be shipped on 10/20. They may take about 1-2 weeks to arrive, and we will make an announcement as soon as then!

Keyboard & Co.

  • Switchnollie just gave me the update to release these! These will be into production really soon!

Thanks for sticking around. Expect another update soon!


September - Week 4 Update

Summer is ending. I hope everyone had a great September.

Thank you again for participating in our group buys this Summer. I think we ran some great sets and I'm definitely excited to receive them.

1. Penumbra Solarized Kit

  • The Penumbra Solarized Kit will have all shipped out today.
  • These will be now be available only with the Penumbra as a full kit.


  • I'm sorry for the delays. I'm awaiting information from the REVO team. Hopefully you guys can all be patient with this. I was told that this will be the only run for this REVO HHKB Kit.

3. Miami & Miami Nights

  • These will be shipped next week. I'm definitely excited to share these with you guys.

4. Mystery GMK set

  • We'll be revealing a new GMK set this week. Expect something very red! :)


  • We are almost ready to announce our first product. These will ship to us mid October (since there is the Moon Festival in China going on).
  • I have worked with the designer of the first product. We will be officially revealing this product before the launch of the web-site. Stay tuned for more information!

September - Week 3 Update

Major Updates:

  • JD40 
    • The JD40 has arrived. 
    • We are currently preparing the shipment for the JD40. We are looking for a box that can best fit the JD40 which should arrive by tomorrow. 
    • We should have these all shipped the following day on 9/21.
  • TriC 80
    • We are working with you individuals to try to best solve the solution, and we'll make sure that each of you are happy with the product. 
    • If you are happy with the current order, we can get that right to you.

September - Week 1.4 Update

TriC 80 Update

So we were suppose to have this shipped by 9/6 which means this is going to be a very awkward update.

The TriC 80 arrived this week, but there's a slight dilemma. On the product page, I posted that the winkeyless would have blockers while the winkey generally wouldn't. It came out that the winkey would be the keyboard with blockers while the winkeyless does not have blockers.

We're going to send out an email to all of our customers who made a purchase, and we will see if you guys still want the product. I took a run at the keyboard and this thing is insanely gorgeous. It's a little tricky to get it started working, and I haven't really figured out the side LED's yet, but this thing is freaking amazing. For those of you who still want the board, I can't wait to share this product with you. 

For those of you that are now intrigued, we think we will be making a larger purchase. I had a lot of fun with this keyboard. It'll be on TYPEMACHINA when more 'IN STOCK' pieces are ready. The extras for this round will be on ORIGINATIVE Co.

Below are the pictures:





    September - Week 1.3 Update

    RJ Revo HHKB Kit

    • Last Information we got was that the RJ was delayed due to the T10 in Southern part of China.
    • Right now the RJ are completely done
    • These Kits are getting Quality Checked
    • They are going to ship as soon as quality checking is done
    • We'll update more information as soon as we receive any

    September - Week 1.2 Update

    Back again!

    • Majority of the Norbatouch Cases have been shipped out except two. We are still awaiting these two from the manufacturer.
    • The TriC 80 has arrived today. We are planning to have these shipped out as soon as this week.
    • JD40 are now en route to us.
    • JTK Toxic is still in the sorting process and will be shipped when they arrive.


    September - Week 1 Update

    Happy Labor Day

    I hope everyone had a great weekend. We definitely had a lot of time with the family who we haven't seen in awhile. It was a good time spent with the family!

    We got an update this week!

    • Ships tomorrow!
    • Arrives sometime between September 11 - September 15

    Enjoy the rest of your week :)

    August - Week 4 Update

    Hello all, 

    Thank you for your kind patience as we get you updates for the group buy/pre-order items.

    TriC 80

    • The TriC 80 just arrived at our Hong Kong facility and are on their way to us right now.

    Novatouch by Norbauer

    • Norbatouch cases arrived two days ago and will all be shipped on 9/1.

    EXENT and ACONIC set

    • The EXENT are almost done with the production. The GMK Special Edition set for the EXENT has arrived. Pictures can be found on www.instagram.com/originative


    • These are about done as well and will be shipped as soon as we receive them.


    • Just finished; awaiting news


    • Finished but delayed due to T10 Typhoon in Hong Kong; awaiting news


    • The Keyboard & Co. samples have been produced by GMK. They made a slight error and shipped them to MITO in Brazil. The items are currently en route to me and I'll send some samples to switchnollie for last confirmation before production. We are ALMOST THERE!

    Penumbra Accent Kit

    • GMK just sent us the shipment and is en route to our location. We will have them shipped as soon as we receive them all.


    • Classic Retro
    • Classic Retro Cyrillic
    • Accent Kit One
    • Accent Kit Two

    We have a few more fresh products coming out this month. TYPEMACHINA is almost done. The products are almost here. Secret Teaser w/ RAMA... 

    We have a lot more announcements to make but will save them for a later date :)

    Lastly, we want to announce FREE SHIPPING for orders $200 or more through September 1 to September 18 for Labor Day. ALL GROUP BUY/PRE-ORDER ITEMS will be excluded from the discount code. It will only apply to in stock items. The shipping also only applies to orders in the CONUS. Please use discount code "FREELABOR".


    August - Week 1 Update

    Hello kbdists,

    Sorry for missing the updates. Currently, we're just trying to work on our new platform. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter! 

    Cream Cheese N Green & Cyan N Cream are both successful! The group buy ends in 20 days. Make sure to get it at the current price before it goes up!

    We are also testing out our SABER68 Bluetooth which may be released sooner than later :) Stay tuned for more updates.

    July - Week 3 Update

    Hello Enthusiasts,

    Thanks for joining us last week at our Originative Meet. We hope you guys were able to enjoy the event. If you guys missed out, we hope to see you at our next event!

    We have many things to be announcing this week and a group buy to start next week. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest details. 

    I've also announced a new company last week at the MEET. We are partnering with a long time friend, and the web-site will be up soon. More Details TBA


    • Arrived 7/17
    • Working on shipment


    • Slight delay on PCB still
    • All winkeyless sets are ready to go
    • We will await winkey ones to finish to have them shipped together


    • Scheduled to arrive beginning of August


    • Scheduled to arrive beginning of October

    JD40/JD45/TEX YODA

    • These are all scheduled to ship in late August


    • Anodization will be completed this week as there were some complications from the first anodizing company
    • Engraving will start on Monday
    • The items should be ready around first week of August

    July - Week 1 Update

    Hello Keyboard Enthusiasts,

    Sorry for the lack of updates. We've been busy setting up for the meet and celebrating Independence Day. I hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th with the family.


    • We just got the shipping notification for this. They are on the way, and we should be able to ship them all out the week we receive them.

    TriC 80

    • We just got the information that these are done but still being sorted


    • July 13th - 5 PM to 10 PM
    • Follow the signs to get to the meet
    • Come Hungry (Food ends at 8 PM)
    • Your name will be on the list if you RSVP'd, so please make sure you let them know your name

    June - Week 5 Update

    Hello KBDISTs,

    Sorry for last week. We have been quite busy for the last few weeks due to the ROOFTOP MEET.

    Latest Updates:

      • This will be shipped to us on July 5th, 2017. Sets were being sorted which caused a slight delay
    • Miami and Miami Nights
      • These are still on the same timeline
    • TriC 80 and JD40
      • I'll give further updates as I found out more

    We have more GMK sets incoming next month. Get your wallets ready at the meet :)