August - Week 1 Update

Hello kbdists,

Sorry for missing the updates. Currently, we're just trying to work on our new platform. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter!

Cream Cheese N Green & Cyan N Cream are both successful! The group buy ends in 20 days. Make sure to get it at the current price before it goes up!

We are also testing out our SABER68 Bluetooth which may be released sooner than later :) Stay tuned for more updates.

July - Week 3 Update

Hello Enthusiasts,

Thanks for joining us last week at our Originative Meet. We hope you guys were able to enjoy the event. If you guys missed out, we hope to see you at our next event!

We have many things to be announcing this week and a group buy to start next week. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest details. 

I've also announced a new company last week at the MEET. We are partnering with a long time friend, and the web-site will be up soon. More Details TBA


  • Arrived 7/17
  • Working on shipment


  • Slight delay on PCB still
  • All winkeyless sets are ready to go
  • We will await winkey ones to finish to have them shipped together


  • Scheduled to arrive beginning of August


  • Scheduled to arrive beginning of October


  • These are all scheduled to ship in late August


  • Anodization will be completed this week as there were some complications from the first anodizing company
  • Engraving will start on Monday
  • The items should be ready around first week of August

July - Week 1 Update

Hello Keyboard Enthusiasts,

Sorry for the lack of updates. We've been busy setting up for the meet and celebrating Independence Day. I hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th with the family.


  • We just got the shipping notification for this. They are on the way, and we should be able to ship them all out the week we receive them.

TriC 80

  • We just got the information that these are done but still being sorted


  • July 13th - 5 PM to 10 PM
  • Follow the signs to get to the meet
  • Come Hungry (Food ends at 8 PM)
  • Your name will be on the list if you RSVP'd, so please make sure you let them know your name

June - Week 5 Update

Hello KBDISTs,

Sorry for last week. We have been quite busy for the last few weeks due to the ROOFTOP MEET.

Latest Updates:

    • This will be shipped to us on July 5th, 2017. Sets were being sorted which caused a slight delay
  • Miami and Miami Nights
    • These are still on the same timeline
  • TriC 80 and JD40
    • I'll give further updates as I found out more

We have more GMK sets incoming next month. Get your wallets ready at the meet :)


June - Week 3 Update


I hope everyone has a great week so far. Make sure to enjoy this upcoming weekend with your Dad! I'm planning to celebrate it a little early as today because my brother and I are planning to go white river rafting in Yosemite, CA. I'm super stoked for that! 

As for the latest updates:

  • TriC 80 have finished production
    • I haven't gotten a confirmation shipping date
    • These should be in the process of packing
    • I'll update as soon as I get the tracking
  • Keyboard & Co.
    • Sample will be delayed another 2-4 weeks
    • This may delay the product for another month or so
    • I'll update as soon as I get the new double-shot samples
    • Sets should be done
    • I also haven't gotten the tracking confirmation for this, so I'll push them for that information today

As for Father's Day, if you're interested in buying them a keyboard... we are having a Father's Day Sale on both sites.

The discount code for kbdist is 'FATHER05' for $5 off your order. The sale runs until end of June 19th. The other sale is for We are planning to have a sale for the Originative set :)

June - Week 2.1 Update

We ran into some issues with the JD40. The 'designer' of the case actually used the case files for the JD45 and tweaked it just a bit (they had access so they can produce the sets). We have to work with the original designers possibly to see if we can still proceed. 

The worst case scenario is we would just have to refund everyone. If we do proceed, this batch only will be with 25 quantities.


June - Week 2 Update


Thanks for all the patience last week. We were tirelessly working with partners on building new things. We have so many exciting things coming forth in 2017/2018. I'm really excited to share this future with you guys, but I will share the updates we have so far this week!

    • These will be ready to ship to us on Monday or Tuesday (the Chinese factory always gives me a date and it's usually still delayed). I would expect this to be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday
    • We're shipping these out today on 6/7. Please double-check your email and double-check the render in the page. The windows should be 'Code' and 'Menu'.
    • new colors and in stock - we never like to the exact samething twice. this is called Hyperfuse Redux, and it is a collaboration between my fiancee (Wendy) and CTRLALT. my Fiancee has been constantly begging me to use these new grey tones, and I think it looks really classy with the HyperFuse setting. expect similar sets in the future
    • we are also planning another group buy already 
    • group buy will launch this week as well
    • apply now! we have only a few spacing left, and we'll be sending out invitations really soon.

May - Week 4 Update

Hey kbdists,

As you know, we're running a 2 man operation only. I'm not feeling so well, so Wendy will be handling all customer service and logistics and fulfillment this week.

If you have a message for me, I'll try to get back to it as soon as I feel better. I'll definitely try my best to answer as many as possible.

Hopefully we can have all the SA sets shipped by Friday. The SA sets have been over 50% shipped by 5/23.

My goal is to get better before my flight. I hate being sick on a flight, so I definitely will try to rest before then.

As for the MEET, we will send out the RSVPs either Wednesday or Thursday of this week, so make sure to sign up!

May - Week 3 Update

SA HyperFuse & SA Penumbra has been 35% completed by 5/19. We are expected to complete the shipping by this week! 

SA MAXKEY's Originative set is completed (white on black), but the white on blue still needs some time (about the end of the month) to be completed. We'll let you know more once we get the tracking.

I'll be out of the office from 5/28 - 6/02 for an event in Taiwan. If you do plan to attend Computex, let us know! Wendy will still be in the office. Our goal is to have the SA sets completed by then at the very least.

As for group buys, Miami will not make it, but we are already planning to put the order in for Miami Night's this week. Do put in the order if you haven't yet ;)

I'll also be sending out the RSVP for the Originative LA ROOFTOP MEET this upcoming week! Do remember to sign up :)

May - Week 2 Update

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms including mine who has generously supported me and what I wanted to do from the very first day.

Sorry for the lack of updates this week.

  • We got in all the cherry screw-in stabs, keycap trays, and spacebar kits (cyan/magenta), and we have sent them out.
  • We've sent out most of the HW Fugus!
  • We got the tracking for SA HyperFuse/Penumbra, and they should be coming in this week.

May - Week 1 Update

Hey kbdists,

We have very little to update this week. We're continuously fulfilling all orders. I just picked up the shipping boxes from Uline for the Honeywell, and we'll be trying to fulfill all orders this week.

Coming in 5/09:

  • Cherry Screw-In
  • Keycap Trays
  • Spacebars 


April - Week 4.1 Update


  • majority has been shipped


  • shipping started already, and this is only the beginning. you will get a tracking number / update!

SA Penumbra and SA HyperFuse

  • HyperFuse sorting has been finished. Penumbra will take another 1~2 weeks due to some material issues but the issues has been fixed. Shipping begins soon!
  • orders will open again soon!

the following is on its way:

  1. Cyan Spacebar
  2. Magenta Spacebar
  3. Beige Spacebar
  4. Cherry Screw-In Stabilizers
  5. Keycap Trays



April - Week 4 Update

Hey kbdists,

We received the Honeywell today. There's a couple people who paid for First Class shipping. Since all items now have a box, we sent you the remaining invoice to upgrade to Priority shipping. The Priority shipping will be a must.

Honeywell, Hyperfuse Accent, CMYK and HF CMY are all in.

As for Keyboard & Co., GMK's supplier is still trying to find the perfect silver color to match our set. It's a little hard since the color is a kind of shiny color. We'll let you guys know as soon as we hear more updates.

SA HyperFuse and Penumbra are about to ship to us, but it may take awhile to have these shipped to you guys. The reason is we are currently working on Honeywell.

  • finish up SABER shipping (90% completed)
  • proceed to Honeywell, HyperFuse Accent, and CMYK (3% completed; yes, we shipped a few)

As for people who are interested in purchasing the following items:

  • SA HyperFuse - SA Penumbra
  • Honeywell
  • Magenta Accent
  • RGBYO Accent
  • Miami Dolch Accent
  • HyperFuse Accent

We will be hosting a sale soon on these. We will add a countdown timer on the site.