TADA68 - Shipping Update

The shipment for the TADA68 was separated into 3 shipments. The 2nd batch (about half the entire shipment) was what arrived last Friday.

The first one (that got mixed up with another company's), we found out actually arrived to the Amazon warehouse in Arizona. We're currently trying to resolve this with the shipping agent and the other company, hoping we can get Amazon to ship it to us from Arizona. Communication is a little difficult due to the time difference between us and them and the fact that the packages are just sitting in Amazon's warehouse. We hope to retrieve the packages as soon as possible so we can fulfill everyone's orders. If worse comes to worst and we don't get word, we might just have to take a trip down to Arizona to retrieve it.

The 3rd shipment should arrive shortly so we hope to fulfill all orders by early next month assuming things will go well from now on. We are currently fulfilling orders in order we've received orders so if you ordered after the group buy period, you most likely won't get a shipping notification as soon as some others. Again, we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this mishap.