TADA68 - Majority of Barebones shipped / Amazon in the works

Hello kbdists,

The majority of the Barebones have been shipped. We are about 95% done, and we just need to head back into the office on Monday to finish the rest of the shipments.

Amazon has been giving us updates, and they just need to drop it off at their Drop-Off center in order for us to receive this. This should take another week, and we are hoping to expect the shipment by two weeks from now.

Lastly, the TADA68 will remain as the TADA68 for this last batch. In the future, as many of you may know, the TADA68 will be renamed to SABER. The SABER is originally an Originative Co. Project through MOD Keyboards, and we hope to remain it in the same manner. ONLY the SABER will include different form of MOD Switches. 

We will be releasing 2 style of Aluminum Cases for the SABER. One of them has already been sold through our store and the other one is still prototyping :)