March - Week 2 Update

TADA68 - 

At this point, we're still receiving an automated message from Amazon, but we did get one new message this week:

"Greetings from Fulfillment by Amazon Seller Support,

Thank you for contacting us.

We are currently looking into your issue and working as fast as we can.

We certainly understand the urgent nature of this case. To ensure you don’t have to follow up, we would continue to provide a timely update on the progress of the situation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this regard.

Thank you for selling with Amazon."

It's pretty much the same story.

Keyboard & Co. -

  • Just sent in new Pantone Colors
  • Waiting on GMK Samples

Expected Shipping Date - TBD

Sky Dolch & Sky Dolch Accessories -

  • Finished Production
  • Sorting Process
  • Await Shipment

Expected Shipping Date - 3/28

SA Penumbra & HyperFuse

  • Delayed a month due to SP's Manufacturing

Honeywell, HyperFuse Accent, & CMYK (as well as CMYW) - 

  • Production has not began yet
  • These are still going according to be finished during May

Expected Shipping Date - 5/05

Modern Biege & SABER -

  • Finished Production
  • Sorting
  • Should be shipped within the month

Expected Shipping Date - 3/28

Penumbra -

  • Arrives on 3/13 (Now arriving on 3/14)
  • Ships out by 3/17 without ISO Green Enter; ships out 4/7 with ISO Green Enter

Arrival Date - 3/14
Shipping Date - Please let us know whether you want it shipped 3/17 or 4/7.

Sky Dolch Kit

  • Payment just finalized
  • Should be ready in June
  • We'll have these shipped sometime in July; more info will come when June arrives

Expected Shipping Date - 6/30


  • Group Buy still ongoing

TriC 80 (TriC 60 coming soon)

  • Group Buy still ongoing

Cherry PCB Screw-In Stabilizers

  • Arrives on 4/28
  • Ships 5/01

Originative / GMK Keycap Trays

  • Arrives on 4/28
  • Ships 5/01