March - Week 2.1 Update

Hey kbdists, 

We got some good news on the SA HyperFuse and Penumbra.

SA Penumbra & HyperFuse

  • The Penumbra and HyperFuse are on track to ship in the month of April. These should be all shipped out by May/June.

Modern Beige

  • Keycaps will open for pre-order soon. We are receiving some black/red & red/black japanaese keysets along with Arabic keycaps.


  • The SABER just concluded sorting. These should be shipping to us this week (we used a different shipping agent, so we're hoping this one gets to us...)
  • SABER Pro's samples are done by 3/22. We'll let you know how these goes and we may raffle off this sample.


  • The shipment arrived to us today. We have successfully shipped all orders that wanted them shipped early without the additional ISO Enter.
  • Orders are presuming today.