March - Week 2.2 Update

Last update of the week! 


When we ordered this new SABER shipment, we expected to fulfill the orders for all outstanding TADA orders in case Amazon would take their time with the package. Due to unforeseen circumstances Amazon is still holding onto the package. We will take the loss to make shipments with all the new SABERs to customers who still have a pending TADA order. We will attempt to email you each individually to make sure that you are okay with the changes (having a keyboard branded as SABER instead of what was actually sold). There are some users who ordered Gateron Reds, and we will have to fulfill a MOD L (Linear) instead.

Our goal is to make sure each order go through smoothly and that each individual feels comfortable making an order for us. We are sorry that this group buy may not have gone followed that route, and we really hope to earn your continued trust.

We are going to open orders today for the rest of the SABER 68. SABER 68 will arrive in 2 weeks (~3/31). SABER AL (Aluminum) are also in stock.