March - Week 3.1 Update


Good News: 

  • Keyboards arrived at our shipping agent
  • Ships on 3/26 (it'll be 3/27 in Hong Kong)

Bad News:

There's over 65 packages in this shipment. The best way to ship these would be slow and consistent. This will result in a 10 day shipping versus 5 day shipping.

We'll most likely receive the keyboard 3 to 6 days later than stated (~4/7 or 4/10). We'll do our best to ship out all the keyboards by 4/15.

In light of more bad news, Amazon probably lost our TADA shipment. This has no affect on any of you guys, but we are down more than $5,000. Hopefully we can get some payments reimbursed for ourselves. 
We want you guys to know that this isn't a communal ran group buy. Any lost taken on us is not a lost on you guys. If we didn't order the new batch of keyboards, we would have refunded you all by now. This is one of the reasons why our products are marked up and we hope you all understand. We want you to feel safe when ordering from us!

Thank You!