March - Week 1 Update

Hello kbdists,

We got a message from GMK last night. They told us Sky Dolch will most likely be completed this week and enter the sorting process. The shipping should be ready in two weeks. That's estimated to be on 3/20. Arrival should be around 3/23, and we will have it all shipped by 3/27 or 3/28.

As for the Amazon TADA68 package, we're still getting the same repetitive and automated message. 

Thanks for your continued patience. We are currently researching your issue in partnership with our technicians and will provide an update as soon as any additional information becomes available.'

We tried to give them a few more calls, but they told us the samething everytime which is that we have to just wait. It's hard to directly contact the fulfillment center, and that is where I believe the package is held. We understand your continuous concerns, and if you would like a refund, we're always ready to process that.

In light of other news, we are receiving a new GMK set and this should be available 'In Stock' by next week. We also just launched the TriC 80 group buy. 

The last thing I wanted to mention is the name change from TADA68 to SABER. We realized that there are many vendors using the TADA name. The SABER will now be solely 'An Originative Co. Project'. Everything including the price remains the same, but only the SABER will include MOD Switches from now on. Along with the SABER, we're working on an additional solid high profile aluminum case that will prove to be a more premium case.

We'll do our best to do a report update each week for every product in the group buy process.
TADA68, SKY DOLCH, HONEYWELL, HYPERFUSE ACCENT, ETC. Let us know what you guys think!

Thanks for your patience and support!