April - Week 2 Update

Hello kbdists,

If you guys still have questions regarding the Penumbra set, we are awaiting the ISO Enter. They should arrive to us this week, and we'll have them shipped out as soon as we can.

Lustro & Weaven

  • Received the shipping list
  • I'll start invoicing people for shipping really soon


  • CMYK, CMYW, and the HyperFuse Accent comes with Honeywell

Sky Dolch

  • 70% completed

Sky Fugu

As for the Sky Fugu, we will be shipping your order with the Sky Dolch. If you did not order a Sky Dolch, then we will be shipping your Sky Fugu as soon as we have the Sky Dolch shipped.

Blue Alert

  • Still working on the order

Adventure Night

  • Trying to grab the render from GMK