April - Week 3 Update

Hey Kbdists,

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend with the Easter week. We definitely hope all the college students are enjoying their spring break. We had a nice weekend with the family since we got to celebrate our birthdays later with them.

Unfortunately we've got Bad and Good News...

Bad News

  • SABER 68 is still in transit
  • Penumbra ISO Enter has not shipped to us yet
  • No updates on Keyboard & Co. 

Good News

  • Honeywell is going to ship to us and Penumbra ISO enter will be in this shipment
  • CMYK, CMYW, and HyperFuse Accent will all be in the Honeywell shipment
  • Sky Dolch has been finally completed
  • We'll be spending the week shipping out Lustro, Weaven, and Sky Fugu
  • SA MAXKEYS by MODKEYS will only take approximately another whole month - 5/19 estimated date
  • SABER Aluminum Pro samples are coming in with the SABER 68