April - Week 4 Update

Hey kbdists,

We received the Honeywell today. There's a couple people who paid for First Class shipping. Since all items now have a box, we sent you the remaining invoice to upgrade to Priority shipping. The Priority shipping will be a must.

Honeywell, Hyperfuse Accent, CMYK and HF CMY are all in.

As for Keyboard & Co., GMK's supplier is still trying to find the perfect silver color to match our set. It's a little hard since the color is a kind of shiny color. We'll let you guys know as soon as we hear more updates.

SA HyperFuse and Penumbra are about to ship to us, but it may take awhile to have these shipped to you guys. The reason is we are currently working on Honeywell.

  • finish up SABER shipping (90% completed)
  • proceed to Honeywell, HyperFuse Accent, and CMYK (3% completed; yes, we shipped a few)

As for people who are interested in purchasing the following items:

  • SA HyperFuse - SA Penumbra
  • Honeywell
  • Magenta Accent
  • RGBYO Accent
  • Miami Dolch Accent
  • HyperFuse Accent

We will be hosting a sale soon on these. We will add a countdown timer on the site.