April - Week 1 Update

Hello kbdists,

We had a customer who worked at Amazon. We were lucky enough for him to get in contact with us. He actually helped us push the Amazon package forth, and we were able to receive them. We have been working weekends to push these out to you guys in the past few days. 

As for the Sky Dolch, we are one fifth done with the shipping. We still need to get a lot completed, and we are working on shipping everything out as soon as we can.


  • These will arrive in approximately first week of May 
  • CMYK, CMYW, and the HyperFuse Accent Kit will be shipped with Honeywell

SA Penumbra & HyperFuse

  • These will arrive approximately in the third week of May

Lustro & Weaven

  • I just received them today
  • We will be working on preparing weights and invoice for shipments

We have been working our butts off for the past few days (except Sunday for wedding venue searching; some of you might know that I got engaged with my best friend, work partner, and my long time girlfriend) to get everything shipped. Our office is insanely packed now because all of the packages. We received over 18 packages with 6 pallets this month. We will do our best to get these in your hands.

We will be taking a break this Friday and Saturday as it is our Birthday (our birthdays are literally one day apart)! We intend to have a nice and relaxing day. I'm taking her to a nice dinner :)

We will start working on all shipments again on Sunday. Thank you for everyone's continuous patience.