April - Week 1.1 Update

I just wanted to make an update before we end our week.


  • We just found out that the Penumbra ISO Enter will be delayed a week. 
  • We will start shipping the orders with Penumbra ISO Enter by 4/17

We apologize for this delay!


  • This is one of the most beautiful GMK sets of the year.
  • I want to make everything perfect, and this will be delayed another week as well to 5/12. The reason for the delay was the 1.5u R2 Delete key. We want to make everything right by our customers.
  • I am already planning a Honeywell Phase 2.

Sky Dolch

  • This is our highest priority right now. Many people will be receiving shipping notifications. We are currently twenty percent done with this, and we hope to crank these all out by 4/12.
  • If you are one of the 50 orders that had a spacebar kit and got delayed, we have worked with GMK to push these up. They will be shipping to us at the end of April. We will ship these all out before Honeywell arrives to us.

Thanks for looking out for our updates! :)