May - Week 3 Update

SA HyperFuse & SA Penumbra has been 35% completed by 5/19. We are expected to complete the shipping by this week! 

SA MAXKEY's Originative set is completed (white on black), but the white on blue still needs some time (about the end of the month) to be completed. We'll let you know more once we get the tracking.

I'll be out of the office from 5/28 - 6/02 for an event in Taiwan. If you do plan to attend Computex, let us know! Wendy will still be in the office. Our goal is to have the SA sets completed by then at the very least.

As for group buys, Miami will not make it, but we are already planning to put the order in for Miami Night's this week. Do put in the order if you haven't yet ;)

I'll also be sending out the RSVP for the Originative LA ROOFTOP MEET this upcoming week! Do remember to sign up :)