June - Week 3 Update


I hope everyone has a great week so far. Make sure to enjoy this upcoming weekend with your Dad! I'm planning to celebrate it a little early as today because my brother and I are planning to go white river rafting in Yosemite, CA. I'm super stoked for that! 

As for the latest updates:

  • TriC 80 have finished production
    • I haven't gotten a confirmation shipping date
    • These should be in the process of packing
    • I'll update as soon as I get the tracking
  • Keyboard & Co.
    • Sample will be delayed another 2-4 weeks
    • This may delay the product for another month or so
    • I'll update as soon as I get the new double-shot samples
    • Sets should be done
    • I also haven't gotten the tracking confirmation for this, so I'll push them for that information today

As for Father's Day, if you're interested in buying them a keyboard... we are having a Father's Day Sale on both sites.

The discount code for kbdist is 'FATHER05' for $5 off your order. The sale runs until end of June 19th. The other sale is for www.originative.co. We are planning to have a sale for the Originative set :)