August - Week 4 Update

Hello all, 

Thank you for your kind patience as we get you updates for the group buy/pre-order items.

TriC 80

  • The TriC 80 just arrived at our Hong Kong facility and are on their way to us right now.

Novatouch by Norbauer

  • Norbatouch cases arrived two days ago and will all be shipped on 9/1.


  • The EXENT are almost done with the production. The GMK Special Edition set for the EXENT has arrived. Pictures can be found on


  • These are about done as well and will be shipped as soon as we receive them.


  • Just finished; awaiting news


  • Finished but delayed due to T10 Typhoon in Hong Kong; awaiting news


  • The Keyboard & Co. samples have been produced by GMK. They made a slight error and shipped them to MITO in Brazil. The items are currently en route to me and I'll send some samples to switchnollie for last confirmation before production. We are ALMOST THERE!

Penumbra Accent Kit

  • GMK just sent us the shipment and is en route to our location. We will have them shipped as soon as we receive them all.


  • Classic Retro
  • Classic Retro Cyrillic
  • Accent Kit One
  • Accent Kit Two

We have a few more fresh products coming out this month. TYPEMACHINA is almost done. The products are almost here. Secret Teaser w/ RAMA... 

We have a lot more announcements to make but will save them for a later date :)

Lastly, we want to announce FREE SHIPPING for orders $200 or more through September 1 to September 18 for Labor Day. ALL GROUP BUY/PRE-ORDER ITEMS will be excluded from the discount code. It will only apply to in stock items. The shipping also only applies to orders in the CONUS. Please use discount code "FREELABOR".