September - Week 4 Update

Summer is ending. I hope everyone had a great September.

Thank you again for participating in our group buys this Summer. I think we ran some great sets and I'm definitely excited to receive them.

1. Penumbra Solarized Kit

  • The Penumbra Solarized Kit will have all shipped out today.
  • These will be now be available only with the Penumbra as a full kit.


  • I'm sorry for the delays. I'm awaiting information from the REVO team. Hopefully you guys can all be patient with this. I was told that this will be the only run for this REVO HHKB Kit.

3. Miami & Miami Nights

  • These will be shipped next week. I'm definitely excited to share these with you guys.

4. Mystery GMK set

  • We'll be revealing a new GMK set this week. Expect something very red! :)


  • We are almost ready to announce our first product. These will ship to us mid October (since there is the Moon Festival in China going on).
  • I have worked with the designer of the first product. We will be officially revealing this product before the launch of the web-site. Stay tuned for more information!