Jan '18 - #2

Hello Folks,

I hope you guys enjoyed your three day weekend!


We anticipated to have shipped these all out by already by this time, but we're only at 50% done at the moment.

The Cool Gray spacebars are still incoming


These are going to come really soon, and we'll let you know as soon as we do too!


  • Solarized Penumbra going into production March '18 with SA HW :)
  • SA HF going in production May '18!


Toxic got stuck in customs because of the size. We are anticipating these by Friday or Monday of next week. We'll ship these all out as soon as K&CO is done.


A few of the Refrigerator are still being done because the process is highly extensive to get the color matching done properly. As soon as Norbauer's personal shop finishes these and ships them to us, we will be able to get these to you guys. We are stopping the sales until we get these in hand. For all past orders, we'll let you know further once we get the tracking.




There has been someone spreading false rumor. We aren't launching TypeMachina just yet, and we haven't received any No. 1 parts as of this point.

The No. 1 is still undergoing anodization (hard ano), and it will undergo quality control very soon. We are eager to get these out, but they aren't quite ready yet.

We have received some pieces now, but the site is still being finished.

Rama still has the case in the works. Here's a teaser from rama.works, 80%

The ones by LZ, TGR, and other artists are coming soon as well :)

UPDATE: I made an update regarding the No. 1 being finished last week. As above, the ano is still being done as they are trying to get it perfectly right. We only have the parts and accessories, but no cases at the time.