"HyperFuse was the set i created for myself.  The original GB took as close to a no compromise approach as possible, drawing inspiration from my favourite aspects of this hobby, as well as others that had been part of my life for as long as i can remember and launching across 2 keycap profiles.  It was however launched at a time where GMK as a manufacturer had restrictions in place that made it considerably more difficult to run community driven GB’s through them. In fact looking back upon that original GB, the only regret i have was not attempting the initial offering with GMK.  As the hobby grew and the barrier to entry with GMK lowered, i had the opportunity to correct that and reproduce HyperFuse with GMK.  That experience however was all about compromise, in terms of layout and design, as well as colours, making more of an approximation of HyperFuse rather than the real thing.  That has always sat heavy with me, and it gives me great pleasure to finally introduce the set i had envisioned many years ago, the original HyperFuse colours, in Cherry profile, produced by GMK.  For the first time, truly without compromise, HyperFuse Origins."