The 60% keyboard that started it all was the POK3R. Vortex started in the early 2010's selling kits and keyboards on geekhack. iMav, owner of geekhack.org, ran a few group buys on commission during his time for Vortex. The 60% keyboard offered by Vortex was the Poker 1 and was one of the first marketed DIY keyboards. Soon after the keyboard rose in popularity, and they made the Poker 2 with minor differences. After running a few group buys on Massdrop, they worked on a keyboard that would go on to attract the mass, the Pok3r. With the introduction of Cherry RGB, there was no doubt that RGB would go on to be the ideal gamer keyboard.


Even with the popularity of the POK3R, there are still many people who are just looking for an affordable keyboard with a simple case. This is where the POKER 2 comes in. A plastic case featuring double-shot PBT on a 60% keyboard. The new Poker 2 now includes USB-C which every keyboard will convert to hopefully.