WASD V2 - mod edition

The WASD V2 is the top entry level mechanical keyboard at the enthusiast tier. It's the keyboard everyone looks for, a simple tenkeyless keyboard, while offering custom options. The V2 is an appealing aesthetic keyboard and it belongs on every desktop.

At Originative, our goal is to offer our high quality switches for every keyboard user. It's hard to sacrifice the use of one's keyboard to be able to use our mod switches. The only current way to do that is to de-solder the current switches and solder on the new mod switch. 

We partnered with WASDKeyboards to eliminate this whole process and now everyone can enjoy a high quality mechanical keyboard with high quality mechanical switches. The base version will be a WASD V2 + MOD Switches in a barebone style. People will have the option to add an additional $150 to include high quality GMK keycaps.